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Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry

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The Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry provides education and research covering the fundamentals of chemistry all the way through to the latest applied research, in fields ranging from materials chemistry to biochemistry. Our program is based on our philosophy of training scientists and engineers who can think independently, understand the broader significance of chemistry, and harness their knowledge and skills for the good of society. The department consists of four major research groups, Chemistry for Molecular Engineering, Chemistry for Materials Science, Biochemical Engineering and Bio-Related Molecular Science. Through the collaboration of laboratories, students are broadly educated in the advanced topics of chemical engineering, covering most areas of organic, inorganic and biochemistry with a solid balance of basic and applied research.

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Chemistry for Molecular Engineering:

Molecular engineering involving applied physical chemistry, separation and analytical chemistries, and organic synthesis of new functional chemicals will be studied and discussed on the basis of quantum chemistry, thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, and organic and inorganic chemistries.

Chemistry for Materials Science:

Synthesis and application of various advanced materials, including high performance inorganic materials, organic materials, polymers, and some chemical composite materials will be studied and researched.

Biochemical Engineering:

Microbiology, chemical engineering and functional molecular chemistry as applied to production techniques and processes with advanced technology will be the subjects of education and research. The processes of cell-functions on the basis of new biotechnologies will be clarified.

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Bio-Related Molecular Science:

The chemistry of bio-related molecules, bioelectrochemistry and the unique properties of biological systems will be the subjects of education and research, which is designed to understand living systems at the molecular level. Various applications of new technologies will also be studied.

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Microcarrier for growth of cells