Educational Goals & Objectives

Education Aims

Our aim is to educate engineers to possess judgment abilities combining both interdisciplinary and engineering expertise, so that they develop problem-solving skills and abilities to pioneer into new fields, think and act independently, make advances in human welfare and culture, and contribute to living harmoniously with nature.
Because engineering touches on a wide variety of fields, we provide education that does not simply teach techniques, but also teaches students to have wide-ranging, internationally-minded perspectives and flexible practical skills, so that we can educate advanced engineers who can be active in global society and innovate to meet the needs of the world.

Education Targets

We have decided on the following education targets in order to achieve our education aims.

  • We have restructured the Faculty into four departments that share the same basic educational courses but focus on specialized fields, established three different educational programs within each department, and shall work to enrich each area.
  • We ensure the quality of our education through international certification of our educational programs via JABEE and ISO and by setting attainment targets for each field.
  • We provide educational programs where first-year students take basic courses in engineering and specific departmental studies and have attainment goals specific to each field. We also implement late specialization, where students can join a specific field in their second year, thereby increasing the choices students have.
  • We provide comprehensive, practical English education.
  • We offer secondary education programs such as Regional Revitalization, Disaster Prevention & Mitigation, Creative Design, and Global Development that are tied in with other fields in order to provide a wide-ranging education.
  • We provide an education system based on a six-year continuous education that includes a Master’s Degree program at our Graduate School.