Founded in 1897 as the Faculty of Engineering of the Fifth High School
The Faculty of Engineering Has Made its Mark on History

The Faculty of Engineering at Kumamoto University celebrated 120 years of history in 2017.
The Faculty of Engineering boasts not just a long history and glorious tradition that started as the Faculty of Engineering of the Fifth High School, but through the establishment of the Graduate School of Engineering (Master’s Program) in 1965 and a Doctorate Program in 1986, the Faculty has rapidly improved both its teaching staff and facilities, becoming a center for engineering education of the highest caliber in both name and reality. By building this research and education foundation, the Faculty has not only been the source of a large number of world-leading research findings in recent years, but has also educated expert engineers who possess abundant creativity and deep insights with regard to the physical sciences.

Due to recent emphases on interdisciplinary academics, the Faculty departments underwent a major restructuring in 2018, with the original seven departments consolidated into four departments: the Department of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering; the Department of Mechanical and Mathematical Engineering; the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering; and the Department of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry. We also have a maximum number of 513 students.