Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture offers a continuous six-year education program, consisting of four years in the Faculty of Engineering, followed by two years in the Department of Architecture, Civil, and Environmental Engineering Master’s Program. In this Department, we aim to educate engineers who possess advanced expertise relating to civil and environmental engineering, urban and regional planning and design, and architecture and building engineering, who are then able to contribute to policy-making and society through their specialized skills. First-year students mainly take courses to learn a wide range of knowledge, as well as Physics & Chemistry I & II, Mathematics Seminar I & II, and Basic Engineering Experiments, which are offered for the entire Faculty as fundamental engineering courses. Students also complete the fundamental department courses of Kinetics I & II and Space Design Seminar I & II to give students practical English skills and specialized fundamental skills needed in all the fields of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture.

Starting in the second year, students study in one of the following three specialized education programs.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Engineering Education Program

In the Education Program of Civil and Environmental Engineering, we nurture highly specialized engineers who utilize wide-ranging perspectives, knowledge, and highly specialized skills regarding disaster prevention and mitigation; planning, design, construction, and maintenance of social infrastructure; and resource-recycling environmental protection in order to be able to achieve sustainable development.

Urban and Regional Planning and Design Engineering Education Program

In the Education Program of Urban and Regional Planning and Design, we nurture integrated engineers who can specifically define and provide solutions for the complex issues facing local communities—such as social systems, urban development, and landscape design—and can build next-generation social systems for practical urban development and public policy.

Town planning exercises using models

Architecture and Building Engineering Education Program

In the Education Program of Architecture and Building Engineering, we educate students to have balanced sensibilities and the skills to comprehensively understand the discipline of architecture—a field that combines both science and art—so that they can take comfort, safety, convenience, eco-friendliness, artistic quality, etc., into account when creating appealing and sustainable structures and urban areas.

Architectural design models made by students

Architectural design seminar