Department of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry

Admission policy

We aim to nurture engineers and researchers who, with a base in physics and chemistry and a deep understanding of substances and life from the atomic and molecular levels, aim to harmonize and develop the relationship between humankind and the natural environment and who can solve environmental, resource, energy, etc., issues from the standpoints of biochemistry, materials chemistry, and materials science. As such, we are looking for the following kinds of people:

  1. 1People who feel the appeal in research and development in biochemistry, materials chemistry, and materials science, and who have a wish and desire to be involved in work related to these fields in the future
  2. 2People who understand the basic subjects covered in classes taken through high school and who possess excellent understanding and application skills, especially in the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology
  3. 3People who are capable of maintaining improvement in foreign language skills as a method for communicating and collecting and disseminating information, who have the motivation to be engineers and researchers who possess a wide-ranging education, and who can be internationally active.