Department of Mechanical and Mathematical Engineering

Admission policy

At the Department of Mechanical and Mathematical Engineering, we are looking for the following kinds of people who aim to be engineers and researchers who possess a global perspective to solve a variety of problems through the combination of mechanical engineering, which acts as the key skill for craftsmanship, with advanced system technologies and necessary mathematical engineering.

  1. 1People who are aware of issues related to human well-being and the fusion of man and environment and who are very enthusiastic about the next generation of craftsmanship
  2. 2People who want to acquire a global perspective, excellent expressive abilities, and communication skills and who want to be engineers and researchers who exhibit leadership and the ability to take action
  3. 3People who can clarify the problematic areas of an issue and can aim to systematically solve these problems
  4. 4People who want to acquire expertise in mechanical and mathematical engineering, in addition to a wide-ranging education, and who are interested in applying this knowledge to help society and wish to contribute to society on a wide scope through a comprehensive perspective.
  5. 5People who understand the basic subjects covered in classes taken through high school and who possess excellent skills especially in mathematics, physics, or chemistry, or in multiple subjects